The ability to organize and manipulate data from your investments in hardware, software, telecommunications and people is essential to your ability to solve business problems. Systems integration allows you to do that by bringing complex technologies together to provide compatibility and interoperability among different vendors' equipment and services. Eon Consulting, Inc. provides the tools that enable you to align your information systems strategy with your organization's value proposition and operating model.

Systems Integration is the process of applying diverse management and technical skills to provide a unique system solution to a business problem.

Through systems integration, Eon Consulting, Inc. can assist you in taking advantage of your most important asset: information - a commodity which is only as useful as it is accessible.

System Integration may encompass:
Designing and implementing new application systems and information infrastructures
Upgrading processing facilities
Supporting hardware platforms
Change management
Knowledge transfer
Legacy management/transition
Systems maintenance
We have achieved success in building some of the world's most challenging information systems and have documented this expertise in a knowledge base of best practices available to all of our staff. Eon Consulting, Inc. addresses each project with the combination of methods, tools and techniques best suited for that specific type of engagement. Our comprehensive capabilities deliver the total package of ongoing business services that you require to put technology to work for you and take control of change.

As a premier systems integrator, Eon Consulting, Inc. offers:

Unsurpassed qualifications in hardware, software and communications
Relationships with all hardware/communications providers
An adaptable approach geared to each specific client
Proven experience in commercial markets and government industries
Reputation for on-time delivery
The financial strength to be able to assume total project risk
Comprehensive project management methodologies
As when choosing any outside contractor, it is important to compare the integrator's skills and experience with the requirements specific to the organization. An integrator must have great depth and breadth of technical and project management skills as well as financial strength. Because of the size and duration of systems integration projects, and the bottom line impact they are likely to have on the client company, it is imperative to ensure the integrator can deliver as promised. Eon Consulting, Inc. meets these requirements and has a reputation for delivering results.

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