Eon Consulting, Inc. is rapidly becoming the preferred consulting resource to senior management of selected industries for creating value from opportunities offered by the convergence of business and technology. We are achieving this status by driving rapid business results for our clients through a unique ability to integrate an array of leading, specialized skills.

Eon Consulting, Inc. works with the world's leading organizations to create and implement innovative solutions to their most complex business problems in the areas of operations, change management, technology, strategy and corporate culture. We use technology to automate and streamline processes and to leverage information as a way to create new strategies, markets and customer relationships. The organization helps companies grow by designing and implementing business strategies and change programs that clarify their customer strategies, energize and mobilize the workforce and leverage emerging technologies like the Internet to create new business opportunities.

A cornerstone of our management consulting philosophy is to provide solutions that address specific business problems in specific industry sectors. Solutions enable us to provide a set of focused, proven offerings that solve targeted business problems quickly and holistically. Our solutions will drive speed to business results for our clients by addressing one or more of three key market needs.

Business Growth
Operational Excellence
Technology Agility
Eon Consulting, Inc.'s Management Consulting capabilities have been organized to support these three market solution focus areas.

For further information e-mail us at sales@eonconsulting.com

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